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Corporate structure of the DIMA

Company Business
DomoConzept Management GmbH DIMA Holding. Controls the group. Development of new services, problem solutions and concepts for profit increase in the asset class “real estate”. Headquarters of the AdministratorNetwork®
HaWoGe Haus-, Wohnungs- und Gewerbeflächenbetreuungs-GmbH and additional companies

Property Management. Operatives Business.

HaWoGe Haus-, Wohnungs-, Gewerbeflächen und Service GmbH

Facility management. Performance of services. Maintenance Services.

DimaGarant GmbH Guarantor for apartment rentals. Best decision for buildings with flats only. Several additional advantages.
DomoTop.de Immobilienservice GmbH Selling and leasing brokers, project developers, vacancy killer
KUBUS Projekt- und Management GmbH

project development, emphasis on care for the elderly and nursing homes. Engineering.

IMTG Immobilien-Management Training GmbH Apprenticeship and advanced training for internal and external employees and executives. Real Estate Events.

680 Members of the AdministratorNetwork® deployed throughout Germany (ca. 4000 employees)

Local support of needs and requirements pertaining to the Property and Facility Management. Commercial tasks are centrally conducted by the HaWoGe LLC. The local tasks are carried out by the network member.

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